Town Church Cafe Barista Basics Training

Barista Basics Training

Town Church Cafe Barista Basics Training

This is a volunteer project that will be used by a church in northwest Ohio to introduce church volunteers to the barista skills needed to work in the church cafe.

Tools: Articulate Storyline and Adobe Premiere Pro

My Role: Content Developer, Instructional Designer, Project Manager

Client: [confidential]

Time is Pre-planning: 5 days

Pre-Planning Activities: Organizational Need, Project Goal & Description, Learner Analysis, Contextual Analysis, Task Analysis, Instructional Sequencing & Strategies, Instructional Objectives, Storyboard, Audio script for the eLearning module, video creation & audio script, audio recording for Storyline and video, and consultation with the current cafe manager (subject matter expert)

Time in Articulate Storyline Development: 3 days

Time in Adobe Premiere Pro (video creation and editing): 2 days

Interactivity Level: 3 out of 4. Moderate eLearning Interactivity Level that includes video, reenactments, scenario-based knowledge checks, and multimedia.

Barista Basics Storyboard.pdf

Barista Basics Storyboard

Barista Basics Design Document.docx

Barista Basics Design Document